How we works


At Mecon, Professional Migration Agents can help you with Permanent Residence, Skilled Employer, Family and Business Migration by assessing your circumstances, by guiding you through complex visa application processes, designing personalised and effective migration solutions, handling all forms and paperwork and presenting your case to the Department of Immigration in the strongest possible way.

You save time and money by:

Avoiding mistakes and getting an outcome faster:

If you are working by yourself and preparing your application by what you read on the website or worse, by what a friend did in their case, there are chances you will make a mistake. And some mistakes can have terrible consequences.

By working with a Migration Agent you avoid mistakes big and small and your visa is consequently approved faster, since we know what documents will streamline your result: if you give the case officer the right documents, they will process your application faster.

No waste of time researching requirements by yourself:

Visa applicants who handle their visa applications by themselves spend precious time researching the various options for migrating, if they meet the requirements, which documents they should provide, how and where to send these documents, and many other things.
By hiring our Migration Services, you will receive a clear and objective visa assessment result, a visa strategy that has been tested and is straightforward and clear instructions about what documents are needed. You can send all documents to us and we will help in preparing and lodging your Application, so you don’t have to worry about complicated paperwork.

Access to legislation databases that the general public doesn’t have:

We subscribe to legal and educational databases that give us access to information that will help us assess your case and prepare your visa application in the best manner possible.

Not basing your whole application strategy on rumors and hearsay:

At Mecon we have access to real information from our own sources, as well as the outcome of all the applications we handle. We study the legislation in depth constantly and make it our business to be always receiving fresh information. When we assess your case and work on your visa application we will be applying all that updated knowledge and experience. That is what you pay us to do.

Accessing strategies not available on the website

By using our services, you will be having access to inside knowledge and strategies not made public by the immigration services and that only migration agents have, due to having worked for years with visa applications.

Migrating to another country is life-changing process. We will take care of your visa application from start to finish. You will then have the freedom to focus on the task of starting your life in a new country.